Property Investor in South Wales, Podcaster and Public Speaker. As much as 'Tej Talks', I'm actually a good listener. My Podcasts educates, inspires and helps 1000s of people every week, no adverts, no sales, just VALUE.

I've grown my Portfolio from £0 to £1,300,000 in 8 months & have raised £800,000 from Private Investors.

I work with people like you, yes you reading this, now don't be shy, I mean YOU, to provide you with secure, investments in Property. The kind that pay you an actual passive income, no tenants, no leaks, no headaches.

I also offer an Earn & Learn for those who want to get into Property Investment, but perhaps lack the knowledge, experience and confidence. I can grow this for you, whilst you make money. What?!

Yes, you earn money whilst learning. Tad crazy eh?

I often go off on tangents about cheese, or nice moisturisers.

When I'm not buying properties you can find me on a dance floor (sober), competing at national Bhangra competitions, learning Spanish, Public Speaking or running around Assassins Creed or losing at FIFA.