Take Control Of Your #1 Asset : You 

Work With Me Personally for the Next 90 Days and Together We'll Master Your Emotions, Take Back Control And Take Your Life To The Next LeveL!

Now that You’re ready to master your emotions, have better relationships, increase your energy and increase your income so that you can live a more fulfilled life Then let me walk you through my 4 step process.

Advanced training and coaching on mindset, resilience, relationships, fitness, money, business fundamentals!
High impact, full contact, relentless accountability (NO EXCUSES!!!)
Full unlimited world-class support from me and my team (but I'll be your PERSONAL coach) Your very own personalised roadmap (we’ll build this together).
Exclusive access to the Next Level Community which is full of like-minded people who've got your back (You will make friends for life!).

What you get.

90 Days of live, online advanced training and coaching - with strict implementation and accountability.
(You will be personally coached by myself. I’m here with you the entire time!)

  • 12x Weekly ‘Mindset' Zoom Calls - We will use this time to kick-start your week and keep you on track no matter whats going on. We’ll be going deep on topics like money management, limiting beliefs, how to increase your energy, improve productivity and upgrading your mind management.
  • 12x Weekly ‘Finance’ Zoom Calls - I will personally teach you how to start, grow, and scale a business. You will also get access to my network and industry experts who will also help you take your business to the next level. Here are some of the topics we will be covering, how to write a business plan, how to forecast sales, marketing, leadership and growth so you can maximise your business, if you have one, or start a business if you want one!

1-1 Group Coaching Session Every Week

These are extremely valuable group coaching sessions in addition to all the coaching and training you get, where you can get extra support and advice from me directly.

Exclusive Live In-Person Day at The Next Level HQ With Me and The Team

We'll then spend the entire day together where we’ll deep-dive and make our plans for the road ahead! (Plus we’ll treat you to some bonus features)

Access to a Fully Private 90 Day Transformation Discord Community

This is where you can get extra coaching and help from me, as well as interact with the other members in a supportive, like-minded environment where EVERYONE has your back and wants you to succeed.

Exclusive Lifetime Access to The Next Level Training Platform

Packed with video trainings on Advanced Level Mindset, Business, and Finance, you get access to my whole business! This is yours for LIFE.

100% Full Contact Accountability Throughout The Entire 90 Days

YES - you won't be allowed even a second to start the bullsh*t excuses. Even more intense than The Next Level, I'm going to light a fire up your ass and keep it going for the entire 90 days - ZERO slacking!)

Plus Our Exclusive Extras!

1X NExt level PLANNER

1X next level T-SHIRT


If you're ready to commit, then let's get you on board.
Full Investment: £750.00
You’ve got two ways of joining, pick the one that suits you below:

OPTION 1 - Upfront Payment



OPTION 2 - Payment Plan


You Can Talk The Talk But Can You Walk The Walk?

I’m going to assume that you’re ready to take your life to the next level.

No doubt you’re sick and tired of the same old shit?

I’ve been helping, training and coaching people in some way, shape or form since 2010. This ranges from being a support Worker, PT, Finance, Property, corporate World Business and Mindset!

I’ve been coaching people without even realising it and helping people in there business or careers but what I quickly recognised and was the other benefits that it had; such as better relationships with family members and kids, increased confidence, the mental health benefits (no more drugs or alcohol) just to name a few!

I’ve helped HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE regain control of their lives and take their lives to the next level.

If you feel like working with me on YOUR goals and taking things to the next level is a “MUST”?



If you're ready to commit, then let's get you on board.
Full Investment: £750.00
You’ve got two ways of joining, pick the one that suits you below:

OPTION 1 - Upfront Payment



OPTION 2 - Payment Plan



Louis Jackson provides the guidance you need for finding your true purpose and setting goals that work best for you. Whether it’s career advice, business planning, or tips on creative living.


Louis, his knowledge and passion are inspiring, never-ending, and invaluable when it comes to giving advice. So if you want an accurate mentorship that will put you on the path toward achieving your goals, Louis just might be your man!

Worth The Cost

Louis has been helping others realize their potential for years, so take advantage of his expertise and make your dreams a reality. The journey might not be easy, but with Louis as your guide, it'll be worth it!

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