Katie grew up in Basingstoke in a loving family home.

She was a very sickly child and born jaundiced and didn’t start walking until late. In fact, Katie got the nickname “bean bag” because her mum would put her down and she come back and she would still be sat there hours later an she just wouldn’t move because and no one knew at the time that it was actually because her joints hurt so much that she didn’t want to crawl or stand up.

Katie has had multiple general anaesthetics consisting of:
• Appendix removed
• Gall bladder removed
• Thyroid Removed
• 4 wisdom teeth and 6 other teeth removed
• Ovarian cyst ruptures
• Broken back
• Broken neck
• Dislocated left ankle
• Dislocated both knees
• Dislocated left hip
• Dislocated both shoulders
• Dislocated right elbow
• Dislocated jaw
• Dislocated wrist
• Dislocated all of her fingers
• Heart surgery
Katies lives with arthritis in three separate joints.
Pneumonia three times and a spontaneous pneumothorax twice once was full once was a partial.
Katie has also contracted malaria when she travelled to Ghana causing her liver, bladder and lungs to stop functioning.

Katie’s mental health took a huge nosedive. Thankfully shortly after she got diagnosed with Ehler Danlos.

Katie had to find a way to cope with her mental health and she found yoga, she hasn’t looked backed since!

Katie travelled to India did a 200 hour yoga teacher training course came back started teaching and was a different person, she lost four stone in weight and started eating better started exercising got hypo thyroid medication, changed her diet but didnt understand why she needed to, she studied nutritional therapy so that she could understand it.

Katie still was not fully satisfied with knowing the body, so she studied to become a personal trainer to fully understand balance, diet, mobility and strength.

Katie’s goal is to continue to manage her own condition better and prove to people who live with chronic conditions that you can manage it and you can learn strategies to help improve your life.

Katie is an inspiration and is the missing piece to the puzzle in all our lives!