Put Your Money to work with a fixed investment


Beat the banks, put your money to work and create another stream of income with a fixed investment.



For example, £40,000 over 12 months


Funds are used to purchase properties

For example, Buy to Let, Buy Refurb Refinance, Flips


Funds are repaid at the end of the term plus interest

For example, £40,000 plus 8% is a total repayment of £43,200

Investor Services


This model is designed to make your capital work for you.  We do this by producing an excellent fixed return on
capital invested with a minimum time commitment of only one year.

This is by far the most common and flexible model we have available.

We understand, that for you as an investor you want to see quick results without a long-term commitment.

With interest rates at an all-time low, inflation and the stock market becoming highly volatile.

Asset Builder (Done For You Services)

This model is designed to generate income through the rental yield and capital growth = Return on investment
(ROI). The average time frame for this model is 3-7 years.

This model is great for investors who want to have more involvement in the decision-making process without
having to do any of work, such as refurbishments or lettings. Our teams will work closely alongside you so
together we can reach your goals and build you the perfect property portfolio.

The Asset Builder DFY Service allows you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home while appreciating great return on investment (ROI) from rental yields and capital growth using just the initial deposit.

Just Relocate will recycle the capital to buy multiple properties. Our team will undertake all the work from beginning to end; we will source the properties, take care of all refurbishments, all refinancing and deal with tenants.

Buy And Sell

This model is designed to purchase properties, add quality value, and then sell them for a profit.

We can convert anything from rooms or an entire property from scratch to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts will work closely alongside you so together we can reach your goals.

This model typically generates larger portions of capital and helps to give you a cash injection. This model may
require a larger investment therefore resulting in a larger percentage return.

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Private Investment

Offering Fixed Returns %

Property investing is the safest and most rewarding investment there is.

For example, the average single buy-to-let produces £3,200 profit per annum.

 Even better; the same profits could be earnt completely hands off by investing £40,000 at 8% per annum.

Minimum investment, £25,000.

Charges or loan agreements offered, dependent on the size of loan.

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