Dee Ludlow is the founder of the 5am Club a members-only group where entrepreneurs and individuals can collaborate on ideas to enhance their knowledge and network.

Every week guest speakers who are experts in their field and range from successful property investors, digital marketers, finance professionals, forex traders, NLP coaches and many more.
Dee is also the founder of the 5D program which teaches you HOW TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN AN INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO THAT ACTUALLY CASH FLOWS

Using a simple framework, a proven strategy and “easy to understand” methods that bring you REAL freedom, consistency and choice from someone that actually makes a living from these methods

After helping many people build their portfolios Dee has launched 5D Capital Partners 5D which is a growing private firm with over 50 years experience in business and a clear and proven investment strategy: driving growth in the SME and mid-market through internationalisation.
5D Capital Partners has a proven ability to create proprietary deal flow, thanks to our internal deal and research team, made up of dedicated investment professionals, supported by a unique Executive Network