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My mission is to help new and active investors start, grow and scale their property portfolios. I do this by producing top quality education and a bespoke sourcing service.

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We have three services on offer for you:

Invest : If you want to invest into property but don’t know where to start.

Then have a look at our three most common ways to invest.


Work With Louis : We have a selection of great property deals you can purchase, either as a below market value deal, or with exceptional cashflow.

Learn How To Grow Your Property Business: If you want to become a professional property investor then we can help you start, grow and scale your property business.


Customers served! 500000 £ worth of Investor & JV Finance Raised
Customers served! 500000 Fabulous Deals Sold
Customers served! 500000 Active Program Members

Creating Wealth

Creating wealth through property doesn’t take that long, but I can tell you first hand it does not come overnight.

Our programs are designed to increase cashflow and build longevity.

- We teach the fundamentals of sourcing, buy-to-lets, flips and rent to serviced accommodation.
- How to go from 1 property a year, to 4 a year
- How to effectively manage your team and complete refurbs of all sizes.

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