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Receive A 2% Interest Payment Back, PLUS Free Education


Video & Mentoring Program, with Private Facebook group and 1-1 Whats App support.

Strictly for investors that value their education and the information they can learn from mentoring.

Minimum investment, £30,000.

Charges or loan agreements offered, dependent on the size of loan.

As well as getting a direct return on your money, you also get the most valuable aspect of this opportunity; access to all my insider secrets on how I operate as a Property Investor.

  • You get access to me, my knowledge, my power team; my legal team, my broker & my network where required
  • You can ask questions whenever, however about whatever in Property (24 hours responses)
  • You will receive updates (Site visits may be available) as the build progresses
  • Learn how I source materials
  • Insight into my process from purchase, refurb, let/sell, and revaluation
  • Talk-throughs of refurb specs, and how I price things up
  • Gain Access to our Construction Company and learn how to negotiate prices
  • Learn how to sell a house with pictures and copywriting
  • Understand how I find and vet tenants for each house
  • This will give you the confidence to go out and buy properties yourself
  • Analysis of your deals, accountability, and motivation
  • Plus, any other aspects you want to cover

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Imagine what life would be like if at the start of each month, you ALREADY had your income lined up.

No More money worries

Money can cause more problems than almost anything in life, and while we agree it doesn't 'make you happy', we know for a fact that when you have ALL of your bills paid at the beginning of the month, with enough left over to do what you want with, that life can be very different.

Having Time Freedom

And one of those freedoms is by being able to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with the people you want to spend your time with the most.  Property can give all of those freedoms once you know how.

Build long term cashflow

And it's not just about having a lifestyle that fits what you want to do with your life today.  It's about building a lifestyle and cashflow that will grow with you over time, meaning that you can look forward to a healthy, happy and rewarding future.

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